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School Organisation

Classes at Morningside School have been organised into eight collaborative teaching teams: Team Kakariki, Team Kea, Team Tui, Team Kakapo, Team Pukeko, Team Kotare, Team Kereru and Team Kiwi.  Each team has two teachers plus teacher aides working with their students.  Our ninth team comprises the two satellite classes from Blomfield Special School.

Team Kakariki has been set up as a Foundation class for students transitioning to school from their Early Childhood centres.  The class programme is developed from both the Early Child Curriculum, Te Whariki, and The New Zealand Curriculum, and with a focus settling children into school and preparing them for more formal learning.  When the children are ready they will move through to Team Kea.  This may happen after a few weeks, or after a term or two or even longer, totally depending on their readiness.

We believe that an effective learning culture is one in which teachers work collaboratively with each other to teach their students so that they will learn more. Research tells us that schools organised in this way produce students with higher achievement and better levels of skills and understanding than do traditionally organised schools.

During the last two years, we have seen the following benefits to our children from this organisation.

  • It allows students to connect with two or more adults every day

  • It allows more opportunities for group and one-to-one learning and modelling during lessons

  • It models working together, behaviour and positive peer to peer interactions for the students

  • Our students see teachers working together, helping them to understand the power of respect

  • It builds self esteem

  • It promotes a positive attitude so students are more likely to experience success

  • It celebrates diversity: students learn to work with different people


Our daily timetable has also been planned to enable teachers to deliver holistic learning programmes that educate the whole child, with many opportunities for individualised and creative learning.

8.55am – 10.45amInstructional Curriculum
10.45am – 11.30amMorning Tea Break
11.30am – 1.15pmDiscovery Curriculum
1.15pm – 2.00pmLunch Break
2.00pm – 3.00pmCreative Curriculum