Team Kakariki

Kakariki 1 (002)

Kia Ora!

This year Team Kakariki is operating as a Foundation Class.  Students entering the school as New Entrants will begin their schooling journey in this class.  The programme supports children transitioning from early childhood education into our school and aims to set them up for success in their schooling journey.  We will be focussing on:

-      Settling children into school.

-      Independence at school and familiarity with school routines – packing bag, where to put belongings, walking through the school, lunchtimes and breaktimes, toilets etc.

-      Essential school skills such as cutting, colouring, gluing, controlling pencil etc

-      Early literacy and numeracy concepts

-      Recognising and writing name

-      Social skills

-      Confidence

When a student is ready, they will move through to Team Kea.  This could happen after a few weeks, a term or even longer – it just depends on the readiness of your child. 

Feel free to drop in to see us anytime – I am very happy to chat about our programme and how we work with every child and their needs. 

Whanau Library Time

On Thursday mornings, Team Kakariki’s family members are welcome to join us in the library.  Parents, pre-schoolers, Grandparents etc are invited to join us as well as any children who may be coming to Morningside in the future.  We exchange books and spend some time reading, and then gather together to read a story and complete a related craft.  We then finish with shared kai.   You are welcome to get books out during this time for your child and your pre-schoolers.  It would be lovely to have as many family members as possible join us each week.
Term 3
This term Team Kakariki will be exploring wild things big and small, real and make-believe.  We are counting down towards our zoo trip at the end of the year and are really looking forward to our first swim in the school pool.  We are still running our Whanau Library sessions and currently have children from two local childcare centres joining us during this time.  We continue to welcome children and the whanau to Morningside school and farewell other students who are ready to move on to Team Kea.