Team Kiwi

Nau mai, haere mai ki tima Kiwi


“Nau te raurau naaku te raurau ka ora ai te iwi.” – If we come together we can make a difference.


Team Kiwi are an enthusiastic bunch of tamariki who are supported by a fantastic group of adult role models, Adam Crump, Sally Shroff, Jo Higgins, Kerry Bowmar and Sharon Donaldson. We are continuing to have a great year with the children.

 Discovery Learning each Friday provides a purposeful way for tamariki to develop and follow their interests by planning and having a go at a variety of self directed hands on activities.  The Key Competencies of managing self, using language symbols and texts, thinking, relating to others and participating and contributing are really being developed within this program. If you think you can come in and help in any way during this time please let us know.

 Your child is placed in a home group. Home groups are set up for your child so that we can provide pastoral care. Your child will see this teacher for the roll, and at some times throughout the day for notices and learning. If you have any concerns or issues or just want to catch about your child’s progress please make your child’s home group teacher your first point of contact.

Our focus this term is ‘Living World,’ and the children will be looking at how humans have impacted on animal habitats and what we can do to ensure we keep animals from becoming extinct.

Our programme is also continuing with our whanau challenges, this is a great way to get the children working together and encouraging each other. This term we are focussed on encouraging participation.

Kiwi Stars is continuing to be a positive way to meet with whanau and community. These visits will be updated on Facebook weekly, so look out for them.

If you have any questions or just want to assist us, please come in and see us.


“Haere taka mua, taka muri; kaua e whai.” – Be a leader, not a follower.


kiwi poto