Team Kea



welcome to team kea

We are a fabulous team of year 1 children. We work and learn in a collaborative environment with 3 teachers (Miss Chloe Mclean, Mrs Michelle Evans and Mrs Amy Davidson) and a fantastic teacher aide (Karen Love)

We are looking forward to consolidating on our Discovery Learning journey this term – it is always amazing to see the well thought out  projects the children come up with!  Our kids rock – they are imaginative and creative and always surprising us with new ideas and learning, all the while gaining some mastery in their Key Competency skills.

We are pleased to open up our outdoor area again as we make the most of the beautiful weather. Already we have had pirates, beach parties and tree climbing out there, as well as some fantastic hut building! 

This term we will be focusing on ‘Wild Things’ in readiness for our Zoo trip at the end of this term. We have set up our classroom with a range of habitats to get our tamariki wondering about animals and asking lots of questions! These spaces include the ‘Sensory Cave’ filled with lots of animal prints and textures ~ we even have some crazy tails, masks and fabrics which our tamariki love to use to transform into ‘Wild Things’. We also have a ‘Reading Jungle’ filled with allsorts of animal themed books and an ‘Underwater Zone’ with a fabulous water feature they love to play with!

Our visual art focus this term is paper mache. We have begun to create the shapes of our masks which we will soon transform into our own ‘wild thing’ as we learn more about animals and their features.

Athletics Day is fast approaching and we are currently learning some new running, jumping and throwing skills in preparation for the day. As the weather gets warmer, we will also begin swimming again (mid-way through the term).

We are looking forward to receiving more children transitioning from Team Kakariki throughout the term.  This has been hugely successful thus far!  Please pop in and say “Hello” if you are one of our new parents and we haven’t yet met you!

We have an open-door policy so feel free to pop in at any time and see what we are up to!

Class 2016