The Morningside Parent / Teacher Group is a volunteer group that commits time and effort on a voluntary basis to fundraise and support the school and its students.

We are a non-profit group and ALL money raised by the group is put back into the school and its students in some form.

In 2012 all of our fundraising was spent on transport for the WHOLE school to visit Auckland Zoo.

In 2013 all money fundraised was spent to purchase new ipad minis for the school.

In 2014 a whole school “day out at the beach”  was planned in the last term to co-incide with the term topic and all the money raised funded the transport for all our students to be able to go.

Last year we had only two members in the group but we have begun this year with a healthy 7 members and a small amount of money in the bank. 

It is our plan for 2016 to again take the whole school to Auckland Zoo to coincide with our Term 4 Topic “Wild Thing”.