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Greetings to the Morningside School Community

I am sure that most of you were very pleased to hear the Prime Minister yesterday announce that schools can soon reopen for students. Throughout Covid 19 alert levels 4 and 3, our school protocols have followed the advice and recommendations of the Ministries of Education and Health. This now tells us that it is safe for schools to reopen, and that is what we will be doing on Monday. 

I am in the process of finalising our operating procedures under Alert Level 2, but want to share some of these with you early. We will review all of these each Thursday, and will inform you of any changes for the following week as they are determined.

1.    Students will not be permitted on the school site prior to 8.30am. Please do not drop them off outside the school before this time.

2.    Where practicable we encourage all students to use the Morningside Park entrance to the school. This provides greater parking and room for greater physical distancing for adults.

3.    Parents are requested to stay off the school site when dropping off or collecting students. Any parents who do come onto the school site will be required to complete the Parent Visitor Register on arrival and departure.

4.    New Entrant students in Team Kakariki may only use the Morningside Park entrance to the school. They may be dropped off at the classroom by their parents, so long as the Parent Visitor Register is completed on arrival and departure.

5.    Parents may arrange an early pick-up time by contacting the school office

6.    Sick children MUST stay at home. If a sick child comes to school, we will send them home for a minimum of two days.

7.    Children with any respiratory symptoms such as a cold, a head cold, blocked ears, cough, sneezing, chills and a fever MUST stay home. It is recommended that parents contact Healthline for advice, which may include getting tested for COVID-19 as a precaution.

8.    New enrolments will be by appointment only. Please contact the school office to arrange a time.

I understand that there are a number of you who have health or safety concerns and who do not wish your child to return to school immediately. This is fine, however I do ask that you contact the school office between 9.00 and 11.00 to advise us of this decision.

Take care and stay safe.

David Prchal


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