How to enrol your child

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How to enrol your child at Morningside School

Pre-Enrolment is Essential

Due to potential overcrowding and lack of teaching space the Ministry of Education wishes the school to re-establish an enrolment zone to limit future enrolments. Currently we have around 90 students who would then be considered to be “out of zone”.


If you currently have pre-school children no matter how young they are, or have friends or neighbours who wish to bring their pre-school children to Morningside School, it is extremely important that we have completed enrolment forms for them in order to try to ensure them a place here in the future. Enrolment forms are available from the school office and need to be completed and returned to the school as soon as possible.


This is particularly important for any children turning five in the next two years.


To enrol your child, please visit the school office and fill out an enrolment form.  You will need to bring with you, your child’s birth certificate or passport, which we will photocopy, and any records pertaining to your child:

– Immunisation records,

-B4SC records (Before School Checks)

  • B4SC health
  • B4SC developmental
  • B4SC behaviour

-Vision and hearing records,

-Allergy records, (Action plans if you have one)

-Medication records,

-Speech records.

School Donations

The school contribution (tax deductable) this year is as follows:

$15.00 per child per term OR $50.00 per child for the year if paid by 31 March.

$25.00 per family per term OR $75.00 per family for the year if paid by 31 March.

These can be paid for at the school office (unfortunately we do not have eftpos facilities) at any time.

We also carry stationary in the office for purchase during the year at cost price.  For a full list of stationary requirements see the following Team Lists.